Tuesday, August 31, 2010

It's getting hot in here

I'm so over this heat and humidity. I'm ready for fall/winter weather although it never gets that cold in south Texas. :( Another reason I want it to be fall already is so that I can start wearing some of this years fall trends like socks. Refinery29 has a really good post on this trend which you should check out. I also want to start wearing rich dark lipsticks.

Anyway today my sis-in-law and I are going to workout which I really need to starting doing on a regular basis so hopefully we keep it up. She just had a baby about a month ago so she's motivated to lose her baby weight and I just need to not be fat anymore lol.


Monday, August 30, 2010


So todays NOTD is from OPI's Swiss fall collection. The color is Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous which is a really nice shimmery pewter/gunmetal color. The 2nd pic is more true to the color than the 1st which makes it look a little bit darker, you can also see the shimmer more in the second photo.

All in all it's a really great color and I'm glad I bought it. I also got Glitzerland which is a shimmery gold color but haven't used it yet so stay tuned for that review.

Sunday, August 29, 2010


So don't you just love when you get presents when it's not your bday, xmas, or some other special occasion. Well that's what just happened to me today. Wooooo! My brother and sister-in-law went to Houston this weekend and came back today with a little something for me. My sis-in-law spotted it and thought it would be nice of them to buy it for me and it really was!


I love my gift! I'm a big fan of skulls/skeletons/dia del los muretos stuff. I was even a skeleton a few years back.

It was a goosebumps halloween kids costume I found at goodwill. It was a last minute find because me and my bff (pictured below) didn't go halloween shopping till the day of but we still ended up finding really cute costumes either way.


Saturday, August 28, 2010

Rock His World

So a few weeks ago I went to Sephora to check out the new Sephora by OPI collection. I only really liked 3 of the colors from the Rocker Chic line which were Rock His world (pictured below), Go My Own Way, and Just a Little Dangerous but I only got the first 2.

Rock His World is a nice brickish red which looks a lot lighter in the bottle than it is on your nails. I also did 3 coats because I wanted it to be a bit darker.

Sorry it's so blurry!

Then a couple days later I got bored with my nails and wanted something a little bit more fun so I painted over them with a glitter nail polish. I used Wet n Wild Wild Shine in Sparked (435G) which gave it a really nice look!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Oh Me! Oh My!

I'm blogging!  Wooo!

I just found out that Star Fucking Hipsters is playing a show at Red 7 and I really want to go! My lady love Steph from Austin needs a date and it would also be a week away form my other lady love Airica's birthday so I must make it happen!

Anyway hope you people out there enjoy my blog as it will be about very random thing like:
-nail polish
-arts & crafts
-and random ranting ;)

So stick around!