Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Chunky Holo Black

I know there are several swatches of this beautiful polish out there but it never hurts to have more! I've actually had this polish since like August and hadn't gotten around to wearing until last week which is a same since its so stunning.

What I used:
- Seche Clear
- LA Colors Color Craze Circuit (2 coats)
- KleanColor Chunky Holo Black (2 coats)
- Seche Vite



  1. This one is awesome! I just love this Kleancolor!

  2. It really is  awesome!

  3. this one is fun!!! me likey!

  4. Hey i am new to your blog.. You seem to have alot of Klean colour brand nail polish. is it a good brand? I dont usually buy this brand because it is very cheap unlike OPI and China Glaze etc. would you recomend this brand?? love the nail buy the way <3 

  5. Hi, thanks for checking out my blog! I would definitely recommend buying this brand because although it is pretty cheap in price its actually a decent polish with a wide selection of interesting polishes like the chunky holo glitters. A few things to note is that they have a harsh chemical smell but it doesnt bother me as much, some of the polishes tend to thicken up after a while but again thats nothing some thinner wont fix and lastly some of the polishes like the glitters take longer than usual to dry so you definitely need to use a fast fry top coat. Overall I really like all the polishes I have from them and continue to buy them anytime I find a color I dont have. Hope this was informative and let me know if there is anything else you have questions on!