Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

My Second attempt at doing a snake skin print but this time on my nails. It was a bit tricky keeping the tulle tight around my nail to get the print but I think I managed.

What I used:
-Make-up Sponge
-OPI Bling Dynasty
-OPI Glitzerland
-OPI Here Today...Argon Tomorrow
-Sephora by OPI Never Enough Shoes
-Sephora by OPI Leaf Him at the Alter
-Seche Vite

Left Hand No Flash

Left Hand With Flash

Right Hand No Flash

Right Hand With Flash

And lastly here is a pic of my halloween costume with two of my besties! My mom helped me sew the dress because it was a huge ill fitting tank dress. For my crown I bought toy snakes and painted them green and hot-glued them to a toy crown and lastly I glued and wrapped two lager snakes to small barrettes to help hold up my crown.

Peacock, Medusa, Cat


Sunday, October 24, 2010

Snake skin print: first attempt

My mom was my guinea pig for this manicure. It was my first attempt and I did two different types of the manicure one with small netting tulle and one with larger netting tulle. My mom had her nails done with Bling Dynasty which actually came out really good through the other color but I still put a coat of Glitzerland over it. I'm going to do this manicure to go along with my Medusa costume for Halloween. I'm still not sure which design I'm going to do but I'm leaning towards the large netting tulle.

Friday, October 22, 2010


I'm super happy because my kittens are back home after being gone for like a week! Although I'm still a bit bummed out because my favorite kitty passed away its really a sad story.....

So last friday I ask my dad where the kitties are because they were always running around my backyard and he's like idk I think the cat (their mom) took them and hid them. She does that a lot, she did that with the last litter she had and then we only ended up with one of her four kittens (Chandler) she had. So I was really bummed out after he told me that because I started to get attached to them. Awhile later I went back outside to talk to my dad about where she could of taken them because they were already kind of big and then he freaking drops another bombshell on me by telling me that the black kitty with socks was dead! He said that morning when he went outside to feed the cats he found him there laying on the ground so he got him and buried him in our "pet cemetery" (under a try in our backyard where many a pet of ours are buried). He said the night before he had heard dogs barking in the middle of the night but was too tired to go see what they were barking at, my poor daddy I could tell he regretted not getting up to scare the dogs away. So yeah my dad was like the cat probably had taken the kittens away for awhile because of what happened with the dogs but yeah real downer story but the rest of the kitties are back and safe!

Now for cute pictures of them!

Claw Design

So I'm not really sure what kind of design this is? It looks both like a claw and a palm tree to me but whatever it looks good either way.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

My Sweetness...

Woooo I'm super excited! Going to see the Toadies and Girl in A Coma today with my bestie Mk!
This is my favorite Toadies song its soo good! Love the Toadies they are a really good band but I think they're an underrated band and people only know the song Possum Kingdom but they have other really good songs like My Sweetness.

Also on a side note I broke one of my OPI nail polishes Crimson Carol last night. Which totally sucked because it broke in my nail polish drawer all over other polishes. Lesson learned do not throw my nail polishes into drawer because they will shatter and break! :( Perfectly good polish ruined!


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Booo to October...

Well not really but it hasn't been as great of a month as I was hoping for. I was suppose to go to Austin this past weekend but wasn't able to make it because I got sick for the second time this month. Boo to my sinuses! It is shaping up though, thursday night is the Toadies concert which I'm super excited about! The only problem is that I have no date. My friend Jason was going to join me but he couldn't get the night off from work so as of now I'm going stag. I hope I find someone to join me although it wouldn't be the first time I go to a concert/show by myself.

I also need to get on it with getting my costume together!


Monday, October 18, 2010


Yesterday my mom and I had a fun filled day full of shopping and getting our hair done at the JcPenny Salon which was some nice mother-daughter bonding time...Anyway they had a couple of OPI nail polishes 1/2% so we decided to snag some up.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Glitter Polish

Too Good for Him from Sephora by OPI is a glitter nail polish with purple, blue, and silver glitter in a clear base. This polish is great for layering over other colors but it's also great all on its own. I did 5 or 6 coats to get make sure you couldn't really see through it since it is a clear polish.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Medusa Make-up look

Halloween is quickly approaching and I still have yet to get my costume together, I have however decided how I'm going to do my make-up!

I used this face worksheet from Medusa's Make-Up to write down everything I used to create my look.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Lubu Heels

So first of all let me start off by apologizing for not posting this past week my internet was down :( but I finally got it up and running so yay!

I got Lubu Heels a few weeks back and finally painted my nails with it.  I was a bit disappointed with it because in the bottle the red glitter really shines but its not as prominent on your nails. The formula is also a bit watery so I did 4 coats to get it to look really black. It was however pretty easy to take off which was surprising because usually glitter nail polishes are a b**** to take off, so I guess the watery formula helped out in that aspect. I still like the polish because I have nothing like it I just wish the red glitter showed up more.

Also sorry my nails don't look so good I had already been wearing the polish for a few days when I finally decided to take pics of them and had already started to chip away at them.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Hook 'em

In honor of tomorrows big game and everything that UT has accomplished academically and athletically I decided to do a longhorn manicure. I'm not into sports at all really and never went to a game while I attended school there (I know this is like a huge sin) I still have a lot of pride for my school and super proud to be a TxEx.

What I used
-Klean Color in Miss Garnet (114) (its not the official burnt orange color but its pretty damn close)
-So Easy Stripe Rite in White
-Seche Vite top coat