Monday, June 10, 2013

Ultra Violet

Finally trying to get back to blogging!!! How people have full time jobs and blog is beyond me!!!! I'm always so lazy when it come to preparing post and I don't even do my nails as much anymore!! I do them about once maybe twice a week now and thats cuz before I used to do them every few days...oh well. I'm going to try to keep up with posting. This post features a Layla hologram polish which is to die for it's super pretty and looks way better in person!!!

What I Used:
- Seche Clear
- Color Club Glitter Wonderland
- Laya Hologram Effect Ultra Violet 04 (layered over glitter wonderland)
- Seche Vite



  1. Yay, welcome back! I missed your nails. :) I don't know how college students nail blog, because when I was in college, all I wanted to do out of class was go out or sleep.

  2. Aww thanks Rach!!! But seriously idk how some bloggers keep up with posting doing anything full time whatever it may be!!!