Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My 1st Franken!

Hello everyone and welcome to the new followers I've gotten in the past week or so. Today's post features my very first try at frankening a nail polish. It's not bad for my first try but I'm not 100% happy with it. Its about a shade darker and in person the holographic glitter is more apparent, although not as much as I'd like. Listed below are all the ingredients I used to make the polish. Also excuse the color of my skin in this first pic I had to edit the color of the polish which made my skin look yellow.

What I used:
- OPI Top Coat
- KleanColor Neon Aqua
- KleanColor Blue Eyed Girl
- Poly*Flake Aqua Holographic glitter

So what do you guys think? Any suggestions on what I should name it? 



  1. I love these nails! How much would you charge me to come paint my nails??!!

  2. Thanks! Glad you liked it and anywhere from $5-$10 just depends on how much of a design you want...

  3. Hi,Gri, what a pretty franken. I am a new follower,and also live in Texas. ( I peeked at your profile.) ;-)

  4. Hello! Glad you liked it, and thanks for following! :)