Thursday, July 14, 2011

Blu Blaze (Not a Neon)

Hey everybody! I purchased this polish because I decided I needed more blue cream polishes and when I saw this polish on sale at Sallys I thought a blue neon cream would be great for my collection. Sadly it is not the pretty neon blue that you see in the bottle, its a lot darker and it doesn't have a cream finish to it, it dries dull and flat so it definitely needs a top coat. Now don't get me wrong the color is actually really pretty, it was just a bit of a let down when I was expecting something else. The color is also a bit darker in real life my camera just couldn't quiet get it right, it's more along the lines of the 2nd photo.

What I used:
- Nina Ultra Pro Blu Blaze (3 coats)
- Out The Door top coat


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