Thursday, September 2, 2010


I've been working on quite a few projects this past month and yet to completely finish any of them. I really need to get on this and finish them because every time I start a new project my room just becomes more of a mess and right now it's really bad!

The first project I started on was making some earrings. I finished one pair but have yet to finish the other pair.

Second project was painting and decorating some paper mache boxes I have for some of my jewelry and other random things.

Lastly I started on some glitter artwork of a skull image but still need to finish it and then make one for my nephew as I kind of got him into liking skulls. Every time he comes into my room he likes to point out all the skulls I have in my room it's super cute!

So as soon as I finish these projects of mine I'll make a post about them with pics, but if your in the mode for some diy projects I like going to this site P.S. I Made This for some inspiration.


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