Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Frosted Fuchsia

Todays NOTD is Wet n Wild's Wild Shine Frosted Fuchsia (426A).  I don't remember ever coloring my nails this color before but it was in my nail polish drawer so I must have painted my toenails this color. It's a really rich fuchsia that does have a really nice shine to it which looks great in the sun light. I also really like this color because it makes my shorter nail stand out.

As you can tell I filed down my nails because they were getting to long and started to bother me when I type. I kind of have a cycle with my nails where I grow them out and then I file them back down when they get to long or chip because I have to have my nails all the same length and shape. Also my nails naturally grow in this oval shape.

This is indoors with no flash and is most true to what the color looks like

This is indoors with flash which makes it look a bit lighter than the color is

Lastly this was taken out doors but I can't remember if I used flash or not

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