Friday, September 3, 2010


So I've really gotten into karaoke this past year and have been going a lot to this bar where I live that does it every Wednesday and Friday night. I'm really surprised I've gotten into it so much especially because I don't have the greatest voice. I actually kind of suck at singing but I'm definitely not the worst that goes up to sing and its all in good fun anyway. I also usually sing with a partner so it kind of drowns out my bad voice. Anyways some of our favorite songs to sing are:

Total Eclipse of the Heart
Dixie Chicks (anything off the Fly album)
I Think We're Alone Now
Pour Some Sugar on Me
I Love Rock n Roll
I'm Real (I sang Ja Rule's part)

We like to mix it up when we sing that way we're not always singing the same songs so there is definitely more songs that we've sang but that would be way to many to list. Tonight my friend Krystavel and I are thinking of singing Welcome to the Jungle and Always Be My Baby.

What are some of your favorite songs to karaoke to?


  1. fergalicious!!!!!

  2. hahah i'd have to practice that shit!

  3. hahah i'd have to practice that shit!