Thursday, January 20, 2011

Layering: Yodel Me On MY Cell and Simmer & Shimmer

This past weekend my mom and I went to the JcPenny Salon to get some shampoo because they had them on sale, and while we were there I also got two nail polishes and of course some new shampoo Y Serum which I'm real excited about because the lady really recommended it! Anyway back to the nail polish I got Yodel Me On MY Cell and Simmer & Shimmer.

What I used:
- Orly Top2Bottom as base and top coat
- OPI Yodel Me On My Cell (from Swiss Collection)
- OPI Simmer & Shimmer (from Burlesque Collection)

Its like these two polishes were made for layering on each other even though they're from separate collections oh also you might want to click to enlarge the pics to get a good look at the glitter in Simmer & Shimmer!


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