Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Skull Valentine's

My mom is such a sweetheart, she got me a surprise Valentine's Day gift! She knows how much I love skull, so while out at a local market she found these skull earrings and necklace and picked them up for me as a V-Day gift. I absolutely loved the skulls but didn't really like the style of the jewelry so I just took them apart and redid them to suit my taste.

Who needs a boyfriend to buy me jewelry when I have a sweet mom like mine! Another really cute thing my mom did/does all the time when she gets me a holiday card she always signs it with love from her and my dad but then she'll also always write down all my cats names too! When I was away at college she would send me two cards one from my family and one from the cats, I always liked that she did that it was just so cute and heartwarming especially since she knows I love my cats so much!


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