Thursday, September 29, 2011

Joslyn's Nails: Dinosaur Egg Crackle

Hello everyone! So my friend Joslyn came over once again to get her nails done and this time we did some crackle. As I've mentioned before she only wears green nail polish so we did a darker bright green under the crackle which is a lime green shade. She said it looked like a dinosaur egg so hence the title of this post. This is also one of the shades that is up for grabs in my give so if you like it make sure and sign up for it! In other nail related news I broke my thumb nail last night which really hurt it bent back and broke so now I'm  going to have file all my nails down because I hate having uneven nail lengths...oh well, now onto Joslyn's nails.

What I used:
- Seche Clear
- LA Colors Art Deco in Bright Green (base 1 thick coat)
- Cherimoya 2012 Crackle Evolution
- Seche Vite (over Bright Green and then again over the crackle)

Color Accurate

With flash



  1. Nice! Love it :) I'm curently in a green phase and I LOVE this :)

  2. I really love this! Add something Halloween related! =)

  3. I hadnt thought about it looking halloweeny but it totally does!