Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Snake Skin Print with Tulle Tutorial

Hello everyone and welcome to my new followers! A reader Montyono4 left a comment on a previous Snake Skin Mani Post asking if I could give some step by step instructions. So here it is, I hope I do a good job of explaining and that the pics help. If you dont have the stamping plates (like me) this is a good alternative to get a snake skin print on your nails.

This is what the finished nail looks like.

What I used:
- LA Colors Circuit (base 2 coats)
- KleanColor Metallic Mango
- Sally Hansen Ru-by or Not to Be
- Tulle
- Sponge
- OPI top coat

Here is a pic of the tulle and sponge I used. The tulle needs to be cut into a small square about 2 in x 2in. 

Next paint your nails with the base color of your choice, here I'm using black also remember this is the color that the lines will be so it needs to contrast the other colors you choose.

Once your base is dry you can now start with the sponging. Wrap the tulle around your finger like so holding down the sides with your other fingers

Then twist down the remaining tulle thats above your finger and hold it down with your other fingers It should look something like this....The important thing with this step is making sure the tulle is tight up against the surface of your nail.

Next comes the sponging. Drop a small amount onto a pecie of paper or foil and dab it onto your sponge then dab it onto the entire surface of the nail you might have to do this a couple of times to get it opaque. 

Repeat the previous step with your second or third color but this time only on certain spot of the nail instead of the entire nail to give it more depth. Note you might also have to go back over the nail with some of the fist color if you sponge on to much of the second or third color, so just keep sponging on the polishes till you get a finish you like really.

Once your done sponge unravel the tulle and pull it off across the nail from one side to the next.

Your nail should look some thing like this...

Lastly just clean up and put some top coat on and your done!

Hope I was thorough enough with my explanation and that the pics were also helpful. The trickiest part of doing this mani is just holding down the tulle tightly against your nail. Also I recommend using a dry fast top coat so you can move onto doing the next nail without having to worry about smudging it.



  1. great idea! love it!

  2. omg i need to try this right away! BTW i looove your blog! im deff gonna follow it