Monday, October 31, 2011

Blood Red Nails

Hello again! This post is on how I decided to do my nails for Halloween. Since I was going to have my face all done up I really didn't want to have anything to distracting on my nails plus I thought it would clash with my costume if I had on some kind of design. Anyway, I settled on red nails but didn't want them to be bright red nails so I layered two KleanColor polishes and the result was this beautiful blood red looking color. I'll have to do swatches of these colors individually soon because they are both really pretty.

What I used:
- Seche Clear
- KleanColor Metallic Red (base 1 coat)
- Kleancolor Red Sparkle (1 coat)
- Seche Vite



  1. i think jerry secretly wants this color on his car. lol

  2. LMAO!!! I'm sure he does, it is a very pretty color after-all!